June 23, 2003

Mid winter

Well, yesterday was fun. Given that the current season is pretty much about saying good-bye to the old year and hoping very much that the sun will come back to us after this, me and my significant other thought we'd celebrate.

This mostly involved cleaning the house (including under the bed!), going through piles of clothes to get rid of some, and eating and drinking (at the end of it all).

I loved it. The odd thing was I liked the cleaning better than the eating (odd!). Especially as the eating involved mulled wine (yum!) stew (yum! yum!) and mashed kumara (very yum!).

I'm finally old enough to find the seasons changing to be something that feels like it is actually happening in real time. Rather than as particular points I can only find with the aid of a calendar that are mostly significant for conceptual reasons. I like this bit of ageing. I can totally see why the elders in ancient times had seasonal ceremonies. I don't think I could have *not* this year.

Given that this is also my last week at my current job, I'm feeling reasonably like things are appropariately new-ish.

I must also say at this point how much I'm enjoying my wanderings in stonesoup. From what I've seen so far, it is the blog community I'd rather inhabit, and I like moveable type as an admin interface. Doors close, doors open. I just hope my new job won't such all my words out before I get to express my own ideas...

many happy sunny days to look forward to. .carla

Posted by carla at June 23, 2003 02:56 PM
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