June 25, 2003

Bill Gates declares war on IIS!

I am dumbfounded. I have faithfully turned up at www.microsoft.com to find out information about the new version of their web server software (IIS6). I have gone to the product listings, and (despite listing Microsoft® MSN™ House and Home as something I might want to purchase) there no mention *anywhere* of IIS. Any version.

Also, the links don't change colour if you've been to the content behind them. Thus making it impossible to tell whether or not I'm going around in circles.


Okay, found it. It was hiding under technet. Cause no one would actually want to purchase it?!? Nice to see they are making more of an attempt to use config files. Wonder if they will make it possible to use.

And they appear to have reinstated the fullstop. :)

Posted by carla at June 25, 2003 10:25 AM
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