June 19, 2003

i cut my hair therefore i am a geek

what? you say. cuts own hair! in what way is that geeky?


I've been exposed to a lot of 'geek' definitions recently (see especially www.innergeek.us) and I Want a Man.

Alongside realising that I love geeks *best* (how can you not love people who get so interested in things, and have a compulsion to engage in them - often right up to the elbows?), I've started to notice distinctive geek spoor in my own life. Right up to and including ability to pay more attention to a weird technical thing more than people.

Okay, *that* bit is a little less endearing (and due apologies to any co relationship creator people who have had to endure it).

cutting one's own hair (well) indicates:

* willingness to try things, even if they make you look silly

* determination to try to learn how to do things (or how they work), even if that makes you look silly and takes 5 times longer when you do it yourself

* weirdly arrogant conviction that you can do it better than the professionals (even if you end up with non existant service for 20 years)

* delight in self-sufficiency, particularly in an odd area ("Hey look! I can refine my own oil!")

* enjoyment of the functionality of getting to have a hair cut at 2.30am while drunk (even if you end up looking silly).



Posted by carla at June 19, 2003 05:13 PM
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