June 17, 2003

Wellington - features galore!

Last night was very excellent beginning of new roleplaying game. Big ups to other players and Holyhock God (and assistant). I've always loved epic, story-based roleplaying, and I'm looking forward to a subtle, funny, and complicated campaign.

and more jelly babies.

(or were they jelly gorrilas? i couldn't tell.)


Perhaps the best thing about the evening was getting to the place tho. Wellington must have some of the most intrepid buses in the western world! I caught the Kilbirnie via Roseneath (no 14). This trip (for $2.50 NZ, which won't even buy you a bag of jelly beans anywhere in the western world) was doing nicely enough as we wended our way around Oriental Bay and I got to look back at the city lights across the water.

Then we started up the hill. I am constantly suprised by how often people from other cities don't understand what a Wellingtonian means by 'hill'. This innocuous description somehow fails to reflect the effect 3 major fault lines and a couple of million years of bending, twisting and wrenching had on most of our geography. It always feels a little like the sort of unconcious bending of the truth often displayed by the zoo keeper who thinks of a huge, pissed-off adolescent lion as 'a bit frisky today'.

Anyhow, our intrepid bus driver takes however many tons of metal, and 20-odd passengers up this 'hill', managing to navigate cyclists, oncoming traffic, parked cars, intersections, and right-angle turns on a steep uphill slant, and in a space that I'd wonder about taking an off-road motorbyke through. I was left grinning quietly to myself (fortunately I was down the back of the bus).

Then (as we proceeded around to the Evans Bay side of the hill) the moon rose over the Rimutakas in a deep yellow haze surrounded by blue-black and grey clouds.

Sometimes I worry that I should have done more traveling in order to grow up. But today, somehow, I just don't give a shit.


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