June 21, 2003

many mothers, many birthdays

In case any of you were wondering, yesterday was my mother's mother's birthday. Today is Ceri's mother's birthday, tomorrow is my mother's birthday. While this is kinda tidy, I think it is also pushing the boundaries of 'just a coincidence' into high inconvenience.

If it was a paternal thing I'd stand absolutely no chance of succeeding in present purchasing at all. As it is, I seem to have managed to get through tonight with a small increase to my 'offspring's partner brownie points' account. Eventually I hope to cash in the brownie points for a wedding ('Please, Mr Roberts, can I marry your daughter?').

Though I'd probably settle for additional babysitting.

However, unless I discover the parental impressment equivalent of a better mouse trap, they'll be well gone by the time I get a chance to cash anything in. Rather like a strange form of familial Fly Buys. Somehow I doubt my trip to the Carribean will ever be within reach.

However (in a similar fashion to flybuys) I'm happy enough with my initial purchase that the presence of a good added value campaign is negligible.


Posted by carla at June 21, 2003 10:26 PM
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