December 31, 2008

End of 2008

So, the end of a big interesting year.

Looking forward to 2009, I feel like I should make some goals so that I have stuff to work towards.....

I want to get published in 2009 so I am going to work hard on editing my works-on-progress and start submitting them hard out to publishers. I am also going to start something new in the new year, continue working on the seekrit project (which I have got behind in over the holiday madness) and work up some more short stories as well. Keep writing keep writing keep writing.

Visit my sister in Rarotonga. This is pretty achievable but I really will need to save money. I can save money if I really really try, so I'm going to make January a no-buy month where I won't buy the random stupid stuff I usually do. I don't need any new clothes, DVDs or books. I got so many of those at Christmas and at the sales. I will allow myself to buy food, birthday presents and the Empire magazine. Maybe photos off snapfish too if I really *have* to. Oh and I can go to the movies. But I will try not to.

Live my most awesome life. Going to see ducklings, visiting my favourite parts of Te Papa, spending quality time with Lee, having awesome times with friends, doing things for other people and generally having fun. I'm already ticketed up for three shows, I'll see if I can get to a few more as well!

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Posted by jenni at December 31, 2008 04:01 PM