December 30, 2008

short fiction

Writing is going well. I'm working weirdzo hours this week, so you get your writing update early. I have finished the latest draft of Kiki and I'm thinking about sending it out again. I'm considering re-sending it to the earlier publishers, because it really is a better version.

I will give it one more quick read before I do send it, then it's on to re-drafting What's the Worst that Could Happen? I'm quite looking forward to it actually. I also have a couple of short stories to rework and a magazine to post to.

I posted a short story about a recent roleplaying character over on my new Wordpress blog. Sam's curse is from the point of view of a 16 year old boy.

I went to the library and got out a bunch of Judy Blume books. I haven't read them in so long. Should be interesting!

PoF: Oscar the not-so-grouchy
Co: sleeps

Posted by jenni at December 30, 2008 04:10 PM