February 09, 2007


One week countdown to Steampunk Folktronica...


I've also organised two gigs at Yaza Cafe in Nelson, using $800 funding I obtained from the Nelson Arts Council. So that's a valuable breakthrough, not having to fork out my own money to make things happen.

It's still a big occupier of time, and I've been working weekends and miscellaneous days at the Nelson Visitor Centre also - working for DOC again, so once more have a toenail hold on a career path - going the whole distance and doing ranger training back in Nelson later this year or next is another option crossing my mind - continue the transition to a more outdoors-based lifestyle?

At the same time I've got the travel itch, and am yearning to be back in a bigger centre for a while. Wellington next week should be fun, the pre-production trip there a couple of weeks ago had a good vibe.

I've got a lot of work to do between now and then, not least being editing together a feature-length video for screening. I reckon I'm at least half way through...

We're on at the New Zealand Film Archive next Friday, how cool is that?

(not a rhetorical question)


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