March 15, 2008

Radio Love

Does anyone know stuff about boosting radio reception? If I were to build a big tower would that improve my muffled and static-filled FM (AM isn't good either but I don't care as much), and if so, whence a tower? I don't want to spend lots of money if the large hills mean crappy reception regardless of effort, but I'm willing to make a project of it if there are likely rewards.

Water problems again yesterday (this time a horse stood on the line) but fixed now I think. Migod petrol is expensive. I wonder if I could solar-power the car? (veeeeeery slow, especially on cloudy, hilly days).

The hens refuse to range. They just sit there in the coop, eating pellets and drinking water from their pretty red drinky thing. They look at the open door and disdain the buffet of life. They were free-ranging when I got here! Supplemental feeding has made them lazy.

Still thinking about that goat. It now has a potential name: Natasha. Perhaps I will ring Lindale today and see if they have little female goats who want to be named Natasha? But how would I get her home? How big is a 'baby' goat? And would she almost definitely run amok?

Did you know? The origin of the phrase to say someone is 'doolally' (or a bit nuts) is kind of similar to the way the word 'bedlam' entered our language. There was an asylum in Africa called Doalalie (or something close to that) and the word got Anglicized and the meaning broadened. I always thought it was just a weird English slang!

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