March 12, 2008

Up With The 20th Century

Well after weeks of hating the buzzy phoneline I finally asked Telecom to fix it... and found out it was their fault after all. Apparently the cable 'down the road' was the problem and therefore the same fault would have been affecting the neighbours too. I bet they all thought it was their problem and were putting off having it fixed too! So the phone is now normal and quiet and the internet speed has doubled. The poor telecom man will not need a holiday this year - the workout the driveway gave his heart will do him just as much good. He was so scared of getting back down again he asked me if I had a tractor! Sadly, I don't. (Yet)

Went into Wellington yesterday and had my first therapy session which was horrible but good - probably more challenging in half an hour than the last 6 months in Chch. My Chch therapist was very good but this woman in Wgtn is just excellent, violently expensive but completely worth it.

I'm liking my new solar panel. I hope it is working because you really can't tell by looking at it.

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