February 23, 2008


My hens are laying the most amazing eggs. The yolks are such a deep yellow they are actually orange. And they taste like ... childhood eggs.

Had adventures with the water supply in the last week, tracing down leaks and blocks and breakages. But I have water again now so am feeling very rich... however in the course of tracking down the problem I realised that the water filters are just metal mesh filters rather than carbon filters... so probably shouldn't be drinking it!

I am getting much much fitter. I have many hills! Not that I run up them, but I walk up them less slowly now. :)

The blackberries are incredible. Great juicy bunches of them. So tasty. Did you know that horses eat blackberries? It looks pretty funny, these huge mouths delicately picking berries off. Sock nearly got kicked last night, stealing carrot scraps of a large horse who wasn't amused!

I've started painting again, it feels very slow and clumsy but hopefully it'll get easier with time.

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