November 26, 2007

Birds and Bobs

On Wednesday, we did a rescue mission on a wee starling in a park. My flatmate was walking her dog and saw him. It couldn't fly because it couldn't stand up on one of its legs, so my flatmate called me and I came down with a couple of towels and the dog crate. The bird managed to survive being wrapped in towels, bundled in a dog cage, driven to the vet, driven to the bird hospital and his initial assessment there, so hopefully he has a good chance of standing the stress and being returned. I'm always a bit leary of wild birds, particularly small ones, because they are so likely to keel over from shock with handling! But he was only a young bird, probably hurt himself learning how to fly, so he has a good chance of recovery.

I went to the Summer Solstice dance party on Saturday night. It was really fun, altho it would have been even better without the cold wind. I think I'll try to make the effort to get to the Autumn one as well. It's funny going to an alcohol-free event like that - everyone is *completely* trashed but there's very very little aggression.

I went with about 7 or 8 other people, which makes it easier to not get too split up in the crowd. One of the guys got pretty distressed at one stage (mainly because he over-indulged) but it was the kind of atmosphere where it was pretty safe. The biggest danger was probably the steep, sheep-rutted hillside, given it was pretty dark out there in the middle of nowhere.

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