September 15, 2006

Solaa & Other Cool Stuff

The Solaa (and Ladi 6) gig on at the Civic last weekend was a great night... we left when the bar closed at 5! Great music, obviously, and also a nice crowd atmosphere with a mix of people. I really like it when the musicians stay around afterwards for a bit, I think it adds to the whole experience.

Also I got a nice t-shirt! (Now I keep wishing I'd bought two.)

Tonight it is the battle of the bands at the Jetset Lounge. I think a few people I know are going along to that one. Starts at 8pm and costs about $7 at the door, if anyone else is bored in the Chch tonight :) If you see me there, I'm the uncoordinated blonde who can't dance but attempts it enthusiastically. Come say hi!

I wish I were going out to the Earthdance but I just can't justify the trip - petrol and food and gear etc, not to mention the $30 ticket... I'll go on the bus-trip/pub-crawl with my flatmate instead I think!

Sock is about 4 weeks off from whelping. So far the pregnancy seems to be going smoothly. She has managed to con me into buying her steak mince instead of puppy food, so it shows her brain is in good order at the very least!

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