June 13, 2006


It's snowing! Hoorah! Well, I like snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it much. Luckily, being out by the beach means we don't get the snow settling as much as in other parts of town.

The kids' school closed yesterday around lunchtime so I did a snowy mission to go pick them up. They didn't look too unhappy!

God, this is going to be an expensive week for me. I've got to get the car wof'd and rego'd and also pay for whatever the car needs (it's bound to fail on something). Also I've got to visit the dr, dentist and physiotherapist, plus get some prescriptions filled, AND it is Sock's rego month as well, which means an extra $80 has to come from nowhere.

Was glad to see the voice of reason in the shape of the Parliamentary Select Committee on microchipping. It's a pity the government are going to ignore it. Microchipping benefits no-one except the vets. If people are irresponsible enoough to not register their dog now, why on earth would they pay $60 to get their dog microchipped as well? So the 'good' owners with non-dangerous dogs get hit financially for no reason at all.

I'm really glad Sock is pre-registered and therefore exempt. Otherwise I think I would challenge it legally on the grounds that it's a cruel and unneccessary procedure (the needle is hollow, about 5mm across, and they just stab it in with no anaesthetic) and that introducing a non-fixed foreign body into my dog's neck is medically indefensible. Chips can and do move around the body. What happens if one migrates to the wrong place and paralyses my baby girl? Perhaps I should register her as a Jehovah's Witness and claim it's against her religion.

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