June 01, 2006

There Will Be No Cover-Up, This Time. Really.

The news last night was the funniest program I saw all evening. The US military is claiming that there will be no cover-up of the still-under-investigation Haditha maybe-massacre. (Read the UK report here.)

No cover-up. Scout's Honour! Seriously, though...

Well, it's the first day of winter and the sunniest day we've had all week. I'm going over to D's place today to do some housework and cooking and stuff for her and the family. They're so stressed they are tearing each other to pieces. I feel like I "know" how to help D and V8, to some extent, but I don't know K all that well and it's harder to get a feel for what might be helpful for him. I came to the conclusion that a tidy kitchen and living room and an easy dinner prepared when he finishes work is unlikely to make things worse, anyway.

Lala is a mutual aquaintance/friend who has lived with them for the last couple of months, and I'm just furious with her. She is taking up so much emotional space, and she's not helping out even with basics like housework and stuff. D managed to have a nasty accident the other day and is laid up in bed. V8 just had an operation two days ago, he's had cancer for the last two years, looks like hell, and is dealing with the loss of an *amputation*. K is working, self-employed, trying to support the family financially as well as hold it together emotionally. And Lala is sitting there doing NOTHING. Except swearing at V8 and acting self-righteous. She’s not even doing the little things like – vacuuming, or the dishes, or the washing. Selfish, spoilt self-righteous Christian hypocrite.

*end rant*

So. Off to do washing here and then head over there around lunch-time. I shall subject Lala to the 'eyebrows of silent disapproval', although she'll probably still be in bed.

*really end of rant*

It's sunny. I am not laid up in bed, dying, or working myself into a breakdown. My lovely Sock is sitting by my feet. I have a warm, dry, congenial place to live. I feel lucky.

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You're awesome hon. I know when I was stressed, just coming home to a tidy place made a huge difference. I really appreciated it :)


Posted by: sok at June 1, 2006 01:41 PM
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