May 24, 2006

I Am A Stupid-Head

Got a migraine on Wednesday night (yes, last wednesday) and have been trying to get rid of it since. Yesterday was the first day I could drive and this morning the first that I can stand a back-lit screen.

It's been all very unpleasant, as migraines are, and it's been really odd this time because I've been kind of hallucinating - that half dream/half awake sort of state where you don't know if things are real or not. It's been really disturbing. Like, on Monday, I was about to apologiise to Tara, because one of her friends had come around on Saturday and I'd been less than polite - not exactly aggressive, but just a bit strong for a pleasant weekend debate, and towards the end things got a bit heated and I said some things that were really quite hurtful and I certainly shouldn't have said. It was none of my business.

So yeah, on Monday I took Tara aside and was just about to launch into my speech of apology when a little bell went off somewhere deep in my brain and I said "Um, hey, did your mate come over on Saturday?" She looked at me oddly and said "What?" "Um, you know your mate Viv that came over on Saturday... " "No-one came round on Saturday. You're losing your mind girl! Go back to bed!"

It sounds funny in retrospect but it's kind of uncomfortable - I don't know if there are conversations I've had and don't remember, and vice-versa. Weird, nasty memories.

Not doing much today, just recovering a little. My neck is so badly out of alignment. I would go to the chiropractor but I can't afford it. I don't think "threw up too much" counts as an accident.

Anyways. Take care, kiddies! Give a Hoot - Read a Book!

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Poor baby, that sounds like a horrible place to be. Hope you feel millions of times better real soon

Posted by: toni at May 24, 2006 01:33 PM
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