May 05, 2006

Boy I'm Tired!

I don't know why, but I'm exhausted! I think it's either depression or a reaction to the stress of the last few weeks. I'm finding food/weight a real battle again so I am kind of withdrawing into my castle and just focusing on eating, exercising, doing little things around home and not beating myself up for not being 'better'! It's a bit of a minefield but I know it's the right strategy - I just need to keep my head down for a little while until I hit the next peaky-bit.

Sock has developed a bad barking habit that I am having difficulty training out of her. It's hard because of the kids - who love Sock - constantly winding her up with play and excitement. So every time she hears the kids outside, she barks her nut off. Inside a tin garage? It's VERY LOUD. And with my shouted accompaniament of SHUTUP!YOUSTUPIDDOG! it's not what you would call a relaxing way to start the morning. At least it gets me out of bed.

Weather has been less than stunning but at least not particularly windy, wet or cold. The tsunami-warning-that-wasnt yesterday was a bit scary, because New Brighton would be wiped out first and the hills are a good 20-30mins drive away. Also, my house is quite close to the river - so we'd be trapped on all sides.

The garden is growing apace. I have a tarp to shield it from frosts, which probably aren't too far away now...

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