March 18, 2006


I see Body Shop has sold out to L'Oreal for 652 million pounds, which makes me feel like Body Shop are showing truer colours than usual. Not Tested On Animals my ass. What they mean is, they don't use ingredients that were tested on animals after 1990. Using older technology doesn't mean they are less cruel, just that the cruelty isn't recent.

It annoys me that companies are slammed universally for animal testing. It's required by law for goodness' sake! To develop any new ingredient for approved commercial use it has to go through a rigorous process that involves animal and human trials. The only real way to avoid animal-tested drugs, cosmetics, cleaners and so on is not to use them, or to make the products from scratch yourself (not a recommended approach. Homemade soap will take the skin off along with the dirt). What I do think is that many animal tests are needlessly and heedlessly cruel, and that should be stopped.

This, from the Guardian:
Body Shop will be granted access to L'Oreal's research and development programme.

Asked if the Body Shop can continue to be an ethical, campaigning business under L'Oreal ownership, [Body Shop founder] Mrs Roddick said: "There's only one area we challenge [in relation to L'Oreal's policies], and they have a great statement about what they're doing on the issue of animal testing, or what they're trying to do ... I'm too old, I'm too smart, to give it away for it to be destroyed".

L'Oreal has not tested its cosmetics on animals since 1990, but continues to test new ingredients on animals, as required under European law.

It said it aims to phase out the use of animal testing within 20 years.

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