May 20, 2005

Lucky Escape (For Him, I Mean)

The grenade, initially described as a harmless dud or training device, was in fact a live explosive that someone threw while Mr. Bush addressed tens of thousands of Georgians in Tbilisi on May 10 with President Mikheil Saakashvili at his side, the American Embassy's legal attaché, Bryan Paarmann of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said in a statement. -

Seems like a serious security lapse to me. In the same week as they strip a pilot of his licence (and livelihood) for mistaking a no-fly zone that gets violated dozens of times a month, they let someone in Georgia, a known trouble spot boiling with insurrectionist, get within 100 feet of their president with a live ordnance!

On another topic entirely, the floods up north provides a timely reminder to make sure your CD supplies of stored water, candles, lighters, torches, batteries and food etc are current. Not that it will help a great deal if your house floats away or is crushed by a landslide... Maybe I'll wrap my CD gear in a lifejacket.

"Hey, I may be drowning, but the trail mix will live on!"

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