January 23, 2005

Bonjour, Mon Petit Babouin!

A Zoo in Kent, England has been gifted 19 Guinea baboons, which came from a Paris Zoo (the newspaper commented that these were "sexy French baboons" so the overcrowding that promted the gift was to be expected).

Anyway, the baboons only 'speak' French. No use yelling "Oi you lot, grub's up!" to a discerning group used to being called politely to dejeuner. So the keepers have been issued with French phrase books, and the problem is slowly being solved.

(I found the article on the guardian.co.uk website. And then I found this:)

1,367 passengers who paid around 19,000 pounds for a round-the-world cruise on the P&O vessel Aurora have just left the ship after spending 11 days stuck in Southampton because of a problem with the ship's propellers.

The strange thing is, almost no-one complained. The biggest concerns came from some of the women that they didn't get a chance to wear their more summery cocktail dresses.

"We were going nowhere, but in style," said Alan Cooper, 65, summing up the mood at Southampton's Mayflower cruise terminal."

"But in the end it was nobody's fault," [Kathryn Kelly] said. The civil servant from Kettering, who celebrated her 48th birthday on the Aurora with her mother Norma, 71, used three years' worth of holiday entitlement for the cruise."

"Those on board managed to consume a total of 12,843 bottles of beer, 12,626 bottles of wine and champagne, 1,246 bottles of spirits, and 9,800 cocktails during the 11 days."

P&O's loss was somewhere in the region of 22 million pounds.

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