January 09, 2005

No More Outrage - All's Fair, Apparently

The Bush administration has declared that 325 prisoners (non-Iraqi) are not protected by the Geneva Convention. Dangerous, dangerous shit. I shall have a hard time dredging up too much outrage the next time a US civilian is kidnapped, tortured and killed. In a quote from a senior FBI official, the prisoners with detailed and valuable knowledge at Guatanamo "expired" soon after their interrogations.

This from the USA, defender of truth, justice and the American way? This from the people who thought an al-qaeda first strike on the USA was unthinkable, but a first strike on Iraq not only thinkable but imperative?

Well, yes, it does kind of make sense.

I am so glad I'm not an American.

The Geneva Convention stuff is scary. So is the presidential nomination for Attorney General, who is the same guy that re-jigged the definition of 'torture' for the Bush Admin, so that torture only means hurting someone bad enough to kill them. Anything else is apparently acceptable.

I am so glad I'm not an American.

Oh yeah, and the peace in Aceh didn't last too long. Seven men were shot, execution-style, by the military on Friday because they were "suspected of smuggling cigarettes to the rebels."

One of the seven men was 17 years old. He told his mother he was going with a group of friends to dig a motorcycle out of the tsunami mud.

Concerns are held that since the USA has just lifted restrictions on aid to the Indonesian military to allow the importation of spare parts for their planes etc, the military might use this aid bonanza to increase pressure on the rebel-held areas. For the last two years, aid agencies, human rights groups and media have been barred from Aceh by the military. It's only since the tsunami they've been allowed in.

10,000 people have been killed in the conflict in the last 25 years. Long-term, Indonesian soldiers will "guard" the refugee camps the UN runs.

It doesn't look too promising, does it?

(all quotes from the nytimes.com website)

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