January 03, 2005

It Sucks, For Less

Well I guess I am now one sixth fulfilled for the year. I achieved a goal and purchased a vacuum cleaner. Who would have believed that it is possible to fabricate, market and distribute a vacuum cleaner for under $40? They must use slave labour or not be dolphin safe, but frankly, I haven't vacuumed this place since I moved in and five months creates a lot of debris. Particularly with a dog.

I feel constantly unwell and I can't work out why. Is it because I've eaten too little, or too much, or the wrong thing? Am I perhaps allergic to something and that's why I feel so bad? Is it the medication or the other chemicals I indulge in? Is it anxiety? Is it a stomach ulcer or a mental block? Who the hell knows... there are so many variables it's impossible to work out what to do. I'm planning on going to see a doctor in a couple of weeks but really, it's guesswork with them too.

The domestication of the dog continues unabated.

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... And sometimes one just feels sick. You could try what they recommend for the 1st trimester of pregnancy which also makes you feel pretty sicky... i.e. eat a little bit of something healthy as often as you can manage it... the apricots are particularly nice at the moment... My brother reckons goats milk is good for avoiding developing stomach ulcers, but it tastes vile, so is not likely to encourage you to eat...

Posted by: Karen at January 5, 2005 08:23 AM

And I hope you feel better really soon!!

Posted by: Karen at January 5, 2005 08:24 AM

Maybe you disturbed up stuff when you vacuumed. Anywho, you should definitely try and eat more stuff. How is the bank thing going?


Posted by: giffy at January 5, 2005 11:16 AM

Thank you :) I have cut out diet sweeteners to see if that helps, but it's just so damn persistant it annoys me.

Tis hard to eat when one feels ill.

Between the bank and winz, I am pulling my hair out! Winz stuffed up so that they paid in some arrears on the 30th December, realised they had over-paid me, didn't bother telling me, and just recovered their debt by not paying me *anything* for this week!

So because of *their* processing error, my rent went out with nothing in the account and I got a $25 dishonour fee from the bank, so I am completely broke (there is 5c under the kitchen lino) and left with $125 in debt that is going to take several months to repay! Stupid winz.

Posted by: phreq at January 9, 2005 06:02 AM


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