December 24, 2004

Thanks, Eastgate

Eastgate Mall here in Christchurch deserve a big thanks from me this Christmas. I just got in touch with the centre manager and she said "No problem at all! If anyone gives you any problems, just refer them to me." - I can take Sock into Eastgate with the same privileges as a Guide Dog.

That means (yay finally at last) I can get to the supermarket and the warehouse and farmers and whitcoulls and the pharmacy without thinking the whole time "god i hope i don't have a seizure and face-plant onto the marble/concrete/tile floor."

They didn't have to let me so big ups to them. It makes a huge difference to my life.

Next step: waiver for buses. After Christmas, I think...

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That'll teach me to be slack about going online... I'm so glad you're ok! And yay the awesomeness of Sock-dog. I hopped on to leave you a merry-christmas-for-tomorrow-wish. So, um, Merry Christmas for tomorrow! Carols - I'm willing to bet you can find a radio station that's doing an all-christmas special, and might not be playing the old Mariah Carey song. But might play Fairytale of New York - my feeling is that it's not Christmas till I've heard that and Snoopy's Christmas, and both were played on the radio last week. Yay!

Posted by: Rachel at December 24, 2004 08:45 PM

Hee hee! I rang Channel Z and they asked me at the end if I had a request. I said "Snoopy's Christmas!?"


Loooong silence from Dj


ok, fine, play me Boulevard of Broken Dreams then...

(I don't know if she got the irony)

Posted by: phreq at December 28, 2004 06:52 AM


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