December 17, 2004

Missing The Point (And The Warhead)

The first full test in two years ended in failure for the USA's Missile Defense System (Star Wars). A rocket with a mock warhead was launched from Alaska, and this interceptor was meant to launch from the Marshall Islands and collide with the rocket 100 miles above Earth.

The interceptor failed to launch due to "an unknown anomaly", which is the Pentagon translation for WTF?!

The last test of the system, in December 2002, also failed when the interceptor failed to separate from its booster. The Missile Defense Agency has spent more than $80 BILLION on this since 1985.

"The overall missile defense program is to cost more than $50 billion over the next five years; the first group of land- and sea-based missiles, sensors and associated systems envisioned for deployment is to cost more than $7 billion, and this test alone had a budget of $85 million." -

I can't imagine this is very good for anyone's morale, but particularly the troops in Iraq who have to scavenge tank parts from rubbish dumps while they're being shot at.

I'm so very glad I'm not an American. I think it would be getting embarrassing having to admit citizenship. It's very frustrating to be a rational person living in a cult of personality, which is essentially what every single US president creates within a fair section of the US population.

I'd be pretty damn embarrassed to be seen on TV crying hysterically over Helen Clark's address to the Labour party, waving a banner that says "God Loves Helen" and "4 More Years". Please! They're politicians, and you don't live in North Korea.

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