April 06, 2004

By Gah it's Been a While

Man it's so hard to get enough time to be online nowadays. I liked it when I lived alone and could use the phone with impunity! But since I am sharing a line these days I have to be a little more polite and limit my usage to the early mornings when they're all in bed :)

Hmmm so stuff that's going on: Well, the guy I'm living with that has cancer is going ok, he's starting the second round of chemo and it appears to be moving in a positive direction, although it's too early to say really. He's pretty sick and tired and in quite a bit of pain, but he's really lovely and so un-self-pitying, it's amazing. He races radio-controlled cars and he's just got a 4wd off-road one so that he can use in the back yard rather than having to go out to the track for racing F1 style cars.

My car failed its WOF, so I took it to a repair guy, who did such a bodgy job that the car failed its WOF again! Sigh. Very frustrating and stressful. It's so annoying having people fuck me around because I'm a girl and don't know much about cars. I'm pretty sure a guy would have been treated differently in the same situation. So now I have to find a different panel-beater (one that actually will do the job) but I can't afford to spend hardly anything on getting it fixed, since the whole car is only worth a grand.

I bought a little kitten the other day, he's a 3 month old ginger tom. Very affectionate, as gingers tend to be, and bold as brass - there's 5 indoor dogs here, as I mentioned, and the cat seems totally unfazed by them. I've called him Chinook, after the spring thaw wind. Ruby is reconciling herself to the situation slowly and pissily.

I thought for a moment it would be WWIII between the cats, but we appear to have more of a Cold War situation going on...

Posted by phreq at April 6, 2004 09:25 AM | TrackBack

I think Zeph just kept her older cat doped up on catnip until he liked the kitten.

There's this catnip spray you can get..maybe you could spray the kitten with it :)

Posted by: Jenni at April 6, 2004 11:33 AM

that's right!! maybe i need to do him again. except last time, he got gastritis at about the same time, poor thing. u can buy lil catnip biscuits.

it's not just girls re cars tho Jen - our car, everytime it cos anywhere near a garage, it dies. pitstop screwed our car over right royally - clutch fell out 5 minutes after they said they'd checked it and it was fine. and we just GOT our WOF after much rust removing, and the next day the brakes started making hissing noises, so we can't drive it again. i think they bank on it being so old a car, jas won't know that they have no idea what they're doing *kicks stupid old car*

Posted by: Zephfi at April 9, 2004 12:08 AM

lol the herbal sedative I got for the cat on the trip down here has been borrowed by keith - it helps him sleep apparently. This is a guy who takes half a panadol so I'm not surprised the animal tranquilizer knocks him out!

The car is depressing. I'm going to have to sort it out at some stage but it's just the hassle and expense of it. And the guy at the garage is really grumpy and gruff, which is kind of unnerving. *sigh*

Posted by: phreq at April 9, 2004 09:43 AM


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Ok this is really random but I'm trying to get a kitten down from the Tron to Welly-been searching the net for non nasty sedatives and your comment was the closest I got! Can phreq please email me at lawlesjenn@student.vuw.ac.nz to tell me what it is?

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