March 10, 2004

torrential dogs

I am surrounded by puppies. You know when people say "She has 3 kids under 5!" - well this is 3 puppies under 3 months old and they are just terrors. Chewing, slobbering, barking, fighting, rampaging torrential dogs. The terrible thing, of course, is that they are so cute they are difficult to tell off. Plus, these are cocker spaniel puppies we're talking about - the most neurotic, sensitive dogs with the hugest, shimmering-with-unshed-tears eyes you've ever seen. I tend to spend a lot of time apologising to the dogs for taking their seats, not wanting cuddles, and standing on them.

I actually have some photos of the dogs, I will take them off my camera and post them later. Ruby (the cat) has settled in astoundingly well for a 13-yr-old moving from a 4th-floor bedsit to a house with 6 dogs, 4 adults and a part-time kid. She has started going out into the garden for walks (after the dogs are shut in the other garden, obviously) but I have to say that eating and sleeping still dominate her schedule.

Ooh product endorsement: Cyclops yoghurt, in particular the one that comes with coffee flavour. Mmmmmm - it's like this really velvety unsweetened yoghurt and these yummy toppings (raspberry and coffee are best, imho) - GE free and organic etc. A real pity it comes in a plastic container though. I must write to the company and see if they would consider a more environmentally-aware packaging. They're a NZ (Chch, even!) based company so who knows, worth a shot. Anyway, back to my original point - good eating!

Christchurch has a fantastic public library system - their internet use is amazing. I've found my way to the local and central branches, so feel much happier now. I never feel completely settled unless I know books are close to hand. Hmm... question. Is the central library a branch?

I'm thinking about making the trip down to Dunedin this weekend to see some mates there, but I will need to get the car warranted and rego'd first. I hate the way the two are in synch on my car - it makes it so expensive all at once. Looking back on it, I should have gone down last weekend, since the weather was so nice, but fingers crossed for a fine one twice in a row!

I have been getting all these great ideas (well, they seem great at first glance) for businesses and products. Unfortunately, if Fate is trying to change the world she needs to redirect the old inspiration ray, since I have no means for developing the idea into the next stage. So I tend to get very excited about something, realise how good it would be to have that product or service, see the whole thing in my head... and then realise that I'm 23, female, under-educated and under-connected and have no way to use the idea. Is there an Idea Database somewhere on the web, does anyone know? It seems silly for all these little lightbulbs to go untried. Someone else may as well use 'em.

Heh heh. Ruby is trying to catch moths attracted by the bedside lamp. She's so cute when she's torturing and killing things... Hey that reminds me, I read this neat article in New Scientist ( about an artist who has produced asymmetrical butterflies and moths by manipulating the scales on the developing wings with a very fine needle while the insect is still in the chrysalis. The results are really quite striking. She raised an interesting point in her interview about what is natural - nothing has been genetically altered, so there is nothing unnatural about the butterfly, but the pattern is induced and therefore not natural. It's almost unsettling to see the photos though - I'm so conditioned to seeing symmetrical butterflies that one which is subtly "off" can really play on my mind before I click to what's wrong :)

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Glad to see you're back on the library wagon :)
Central isn't technically a branch. It's the trunk.

Also, I can find the butterfly story on new scientist. I tried to search news under butterfly but it didn't come up.

Torrential dogs = excellent.

Posted by: Jenni at March 10, 2004 12:16 PM

Heh heh :) I knew you'd know :)

Posted by: phreq at March 11, 2004 05:39 AM


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