March 03, 2004

gah it's march...

Man it feels like I have missed a month in there somewhere. Things kind of got off to a rocky start here in Chch since I wound up spending so much of the last few weeks in hospital cos I had to have some unexpected surgery. But anyway so now it's March. I can tell you where the local supermarkets are, and how to get to 2 different hospitals and a specialist clinic, but that's about it. :)

Am feeling a little bewildered by it all somehow. My times are far too interesting at the moment! But things are starting to sort themselves out slowly. Wish I could sleep a bit better though, I woke up at 3.30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.

This is kind of rambling, I know, since I don't have much to say except man, what a stressful year 2004 is becoming! Um oh the Oscars - very nice, but no red carpet shots so I didn't get to examine the dresses. Great for lotr - grinning all over my face :) I was quite glad Charlise Theron (spelling, sorry) got best actresss because she was really good in the role. Talk about drawing on your pains to make them strengths. Did anyone else find it all a tad predictable though? I don't think I was surprised by anything really, very light on the old fingernails. Really disappointed Fran Walsh (again, spelling, probably) didn't get to/choose to speak from the stage, I think she's a great writer.

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Hey, Glad to see you back on the internet. Our flat is mostly set up now. Regs doesn't get on the net too much, but she is keen to call you. Can you email her details and stuff?


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