November 11, 2006

My favourite things ...

My favourite things about this week have been these, and these:

So I've been on some big silver slides and bought some scary pink shoes.* I also went to Wales. Another successful week.

I had a dream last night about being on the beach in Sydney. I woke up and I realised that I couldn't remember what that felt like. If I manage to forget the beach and the sea completely, I might be able to stay living in London.

I had a moment before going on the first slide, as I saw this view of the tunnel yawning before me. It was a vast and yawning moment of ''why?' in a time space that no one else noticed or inhabited. It feels a little like my life at the moment. I am living in that space both before and after committment, where I could still get off if I was prepared to make a scene.

It's not bad. I simply lack committment. I have spent too much of my life so far packing up and moving on a whim. Now I never know how to tell whether going or staying, here or there is the right answer.

*Just in case you are seriously doubting my fashion taste, I should point out that I am going to a theme party tonight. Can you guess the theme? Huh?

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