December 30, 2004

DIY face masking

So Christmas was fun. It was greatly enhanced by Suraya visiting, bearing Marks and Sparks cake and the best socks ever. Her presence was particularly appreciated when providing expert pavlova testing and carol singing in the car at 6am on Christmas morning.

Yes, you read that right. 6am in the morning. Us. We went to the special 7am Christmas mass (Julotta). Apparently in the good old days in Sweden they used to race their sleds to church and the winner of the race would have the best harvest for the coming year. We arrived at church at the ungodly hour of 6.30am, so we all firmly believe that we deserve an excellent harvest.

The service was at an enormous church in the middle of the countryside. It was terribly gothic, arriving in the dark and the rain, with the looming black skeletons of trees all around. Inside, the church was stuffed with branches of greenery and hundreds of real candles in polished chandeliers. There were even kindly people offering pepparkaka (ginger biscuits) and plastic cups of glögg (low alcohol mulled wine). I enjoyed the service, because I understood almost everything the priest/pastor person said. Mostly because of the way she stopped and paused after every word. Patrick thought she was dreadful, but I stopped to say a heartfelt thank you on the way out.

Patrick's family fed us very well indeed and we rolled home to lie around groaning and play another board game with Jenny. She won, proving either her superior intelligence or Christmas stamina, I'm not sure which.

Since then I have been extremely lazy and eaten a lot of chocolate. I've started on some sewing projects, like a green stripey top with very long sleeves and adjusting a beautiful red and gold dress, but I haven't actually finished anything.

Lynni told me the other day that I should really be making my own moisturising face masks. I only accept such advice because she literally looks about half her age (and that doesn't make her in her teens). Unfortunately I suspect that's something to do with superior genetics. I think 27 is much too young to be getting wrinkles, but they started sometime while I was in India. Like magic, or too much sunshine.

So here's the face mask recipe:
1 egg white
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon olive oil

I cheated on the olive oil and put in less. It was fairly disgusting to put on, but my skin does feel nice now. Just another little holiday project, to put off all the things I should really be doing.

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