December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Stonesoupers

It looks like I might have a white Christmas after all. Thank you, Santa!

Right now it's snowing the biggest snow I've ever seen. It really looks like a very large feather pillow is being emptied slowly over the street. My apartment is on the top floor, so there are dormer windows directly across the street from me. They have lit-up stars and candles in the window, and it's terribly picturesque watching the snow fall around them onto the black roof.

Today I will be staying inside in the central heating, very thankful indeed that I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm making a pavlova for tomorrow, to bring a little bit of the NZ Christmas spirit here. I'll be listening to my new Tommy CD (okay, I cheated and opened one of my presents early...), warm and cosy. Nothing like a bit of snow to make staying home suddenly feel very fun.

I'm also looking forward to Suraya, aka. the salt-and-vinegar crisp fairy, arriving today. We'll all be spending tomorrow with Patrick's family.

I really hope that it is wonderful (or at least not too painful, depending on your situation) for all of you, especially all of the Stonesoupers around the world. I'm imagining everyone in their different countries, catankerous beet visiting home, musical in the 'Burgh, kiwigirl and grlloutthere in Japan in the snow (perhaps it's big like feathers there too?). I'm fondly imagining the rest of you going to the beach and having barbecues, or staying home and eating tuna as the case may be.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Christmas greetings with love from Sweden.

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