December 18, 2004

Someone keeps stealing my letters...

I know you don't need new ways to waste your time on the computer, but this site is even more fun than fridge poetry:

I've been having flu all week. Luckily this happened the week after we studied Health in class, so it's been a good chance to practice my medical Swedish (bet _you_ don't know the difference between the word for mucous and the word for snot in many other languages, huh?).

Unfortunately, being sick here has been frustrating for a couple of reasons. One reason is the way that you can only buy Strepsils and paracetamol from Apoteket, the government pharmacy monopoly.

Yes, in some ways I approve of this restriction, because I think painkillers are over-marketed and over-used in New Zealand and Britain. I do know they're not lollies, but at the same time what am I supposed to do if I'm dying and it's after 3pm of a Saturday afternoon?

I guess make myself a hot lemon and ginger drink and think happily of the kiddies who aren't slaving away over a hot stove in a speed factory as a result.
(I just thought that reference might be a bit obscure - I'm assuming if I can't get paracetamol, the bad people wot make speed would find it pretty difficult to get hold of much pseudoephidrine - an ingredient in lots of legal cold drugs and a main ingredient of the illegal one - as far as I know).

In other news this week, it was St Lucia Day on Monday. Patrick and I took our coughs and colds down to the Stortorget ('the Big Square', which I've just found there's a web camera on, dammit - check it out, it's pretty at night!) to see the parade and the pretty girls with candles on their heads.

Unfortunately there were no real candles, instead they had some pale battery-powered imitations. Here is my favourite site about Lucia day, because of this line - "In Sweden we do not wear candles anymore because before girls caught their hair on fire very often." Jenny tells me that in the good ol' days they used to wear a thin wet towel under the candles, and there'd always be a responsible adult standing by with a bucket of water. Ah well, just another fun tradition safety-proofed out of existence.

At least there was a lot of pretty lights and singing, and they arrived in these amazing olde worlde european carriages that looked just like they'd popped out of Cinderella. I had a good time. They even sang some Christmas carols in English. Yay.

I just added some previous entries, which I started and never finished. ..

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