December 01, 2004

Winter wonderland

It was Jul skyltning (aka Advent Sunday or Skyltsöndag) on Sunday. Sweden doesn't seem particularly religous to me, so it's a surprise that these days are so traditional and important. It's traditionally the time when one puts up the Christmas decorations and starts going to church.

So the council performed its yearly magic of turning Malmö into a winter wonderland. Seriously. That might sound a little hackneyed, but I don't have other words to describe it. I come from New Zealand, y'know. Our trees stay green in winter.

Which means we don't need to . . . thread them all with fairy lights to cheer ourselves up. . . or spend a developing country's food budget on enormous outdoor candles and fountains of fire in the main squares.

I love it. Looove it. Everybody, but everybody has seven tiered (electric) candles in the window and every tree shimmers and struts. Our landlord even put up a dedicated Christmas tree in the courtyard, in addition to the resident tree covered in fairy lights. I couldn't resist the spirit and bought myself some fairy lights for my bedroom. They are most tasteful (yes, they are! Okay, mean people?).

I'm a sucker for sparkly things, and goodness this town sparkles at the moment.

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