September 06, 2004

Surfing in Swedish

I just read my first website in Swedish. Yay me. I was looking for vegetarian restaurants in Malmö, and vegetarian food language is my one strength (we won't dwell on my many weak points).

I just had a massive craving for Sosmix (delicious British soy product). I spent today closely questioning every health food shop owner in the city, and must regretfully conclude that it is not sold here. Not happy. I did find 'lakto-vegetarisk färsmix', which looks like it might be similar, although just not the same.

On the upside, this little quest did mean that I discovered the vegetarian food section of my supermarket, after visiting said supermarket for two months. The reason I didn't manage to locate this section earlier is that it's carefully hidden right in the middle of the meat aisles. Ah, the marketing genius.

Patrick and I went for a swim at Sibbarp today.

It was warm and fairly deserted, just the way I like it. I'm still not entirely comfortable with Swedish beaches. I keep on expecting waves, and being disappointed. Im sure I'll adjust soon, and then I'll be shocked at the rough waters of the rest of the world.

I've completely failed to blog for ages and now it just seems too difficult to catch up. The major event in that time was Suraya and Kelly coming to visit. I really enjoyed their stay, with some nice touristing and a very successful hangi for Patrick's birthday. If you're considering having a hangi, my only advice is that you check the weather reports first. I put my umbrella on top of ours, and it still smells pleasantly of hangi. Mmm mm.

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