August 18, 2004

Free entertainment

Yay. It's the Malmö Festival this week.

Everything is free, so it's all good for the poor and unemployed like myself. I saw three free movies and a concert over the weekend (although one of these was free thanks to the lovely Jenny). Yay. Even better, they were all rather good. I'll be seeing Lost in Translation tonight.

It's very cheering to read about the crappy weather in both Edinburgh and Wellington. Thank you, Cal and Giffy. I am seriously shiftless and needing to sort out my life, but at least it's still nice weather here. :-)

Having reached the grand old age of twenty-seven myself, this was my cheering quote for today:
'A woman of seven-and-twenty,' said Marianne, after pausing a moment, 'can never hope to feel or inspire affection again; and if her home be uncomfortable, or her fortune small, I can suppose that she might bring herself to submit to the offices of a nurse, for the sake of the provision and security of a wife.'

I'm re-reading Sense and Sensibility, but I think I should stop now . . .

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