May 29, 2004

Rain rain

It's raining again, goddamit. I'm going to move to Sweden. Those two sentences aren't actually linked in a cause-and-effect sort of way, but the weather today does make me feel better about moving country.

Just in case you are one of the random strangers who reads this blog, I'm moving to Sweden for love (awww). On the 23rd of June. I haven't decided yet if I'm tremendously excited or enormously scared. Different things on different days.

Today I am moving house. Our landlord has decided to sell our flat. Luckily, two of Elske's friends are going away for a month and letting us stay in their flat. That exactly covers the time I have left in the country. It's so perfect, it's almost spooky.

I'm being kicked off the computer now, but keep reading later for more tales of adventure, excitement and really boring new jobs. . .

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