May 13, 2004


It was Alice's birthday on Sunday, and we had a picnic in the Meadows. I love British parks with their big stretches of grass and tidy lined-up avenues of trees. I don't why they appeal to me so much (perhaps just the cultural difference?). We started the picnic in the dimly-lit, hangover-filled City Cafe because the weather was looking distinctly dodgy, but moved on hurriedly when the sun came out. It's basically been sunshine ever since, hurrah.

The Meadows are especially beautiful just now, with lines of trees gently snowing pink petals. It was so much like pink snow that Siobahn and I had a blossom fight - scuffling theatrically through the blossom, and throwing like girls (okay S, maybe it was just *me* throwing like a girl - but you must admit, they are difficult to throw).

Sarah arrived back on Tuesday. I went to meet her at the airport. Insanely surreal to see her again, we last saw each other in Hyderabad. We reminisced about all the crazy places we've now met each other and said goodbye.

On Tuesday night, we got free tickets to the New Zealand ballet. Yay, New Zealanders. It was a triple bill, with one set to Stravinksy's Rite of Spring, and one set to Split Enz music. I didn't enjoy the Split Enz one much. The music was just too cheesy. What about bringing lesser known NZ music to the world? But the rest of it was lovely, there were some great lighting effects.

Now that I'm 'home', I'm becoming aware that I'm writing more about other people as well. If you'd rather I didn't refer to you by name, just let me know. Hmm. Or else I'll just start writing about what I think about in the middle of the night . . . I should probably stop this blog soon before it becomes dreadfully introspective and navel-seeking. Although perhaps that would be more interesting that this litany of not-so-titillating tales from my life. ;)

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