January 23, 2004

Moustachioed men

Why? I suspect some cultural divides just run too deep.

We moved to the Dream Palace yesterday. Needless to say, it is not a dream palace. Instead, it's a fairly skanky white building on top of a cliff. I took a photo of the sign, just because the dripping paint and dirt was so evocative.
The reason we took the room was the hammocks under the coconut palms, with fairy lights at night. If vodka was easier to find, this would be the perfect way to spend an evening.

Another hard day on the beach today. . . I got up for an early morning swim. It was almost worth getting out of bed to be first on the beach. There were no umbrellas, and the water was still a bit cold (not to mention so clear, you could see the shells on the sea floor). Somehow I still managed to get sunburnt, at 9.30am, wearing Factor 16. I blame the sunscreen. I suspect it's rip-off Nivea. Surely there's no such thing as Factor 16?

We saw a girl cutting her friend's hair with Swiss Army knife scissors on the beach. I'm considering doing the same to mine. It's desperately in need of a cut, and still has the remnants of a little henna accident I had in Bangalore.

There's an Elephant Festival on today. I suspect that we aren't 'proper' tourists. We considered a hot and frustrating bus-ride to go and check it out, and decided to stay in the hammocks instead.

It's our last day on the beach today. We'll catch a train back to Chenganuur to pick up our bags tomorrow, and then on to Hyderabad. Then I'll say goodbye to Sarah, and I'm going to have to do something with my life. I'm considering a yoga/meditation course, volunteering, or else maybe spending another month on the beach . . .

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