January 21, 2004

The perfect beach

Is it? Can it be? Well, it's certainly not bad.

We're two minutes walk away from the beach, which definitely has the sparkling white sand and warm blue waters of my dreams. It's much nicer than Goa. There are a lot less beggars and sellers, and hardly any men trawling up and down the beach eyeing up the bikini-clad women.

I'm still not sure if there is actually less hassle here. It may be that we've become accustomed to passing strangers interrogating us regarding our marital status and future plans.

After some enthusiastic beaching, I am now a little sunburnt. I thought a massage would be a good idea, while I'm living this life of hedonistic luxury. It was, except for the sunburn and sand combining to make it a little, hmm, exfoliating. Oh dear.

Still, I'm now very warm and relaxed. My skin will probably recover some day.

They have fantastic fat rice here. A typical Kerala meal appears to be: fat rice, sambar or dhal, poppadums, pickles and curds, with pineapple for dessert. Yum. Luckily. this is exactly what I feel like for dinner.

Bugger, I'm going to have to make an effort to make sure this blog isn't all about food. And lack of books. I'm now on to the Hardy Boys. Actually surprisingly good, if a bit lacking in plot. ;)

I just tried to add a new stylesheet, unfortunately the connection is sloow. Will work on content for now, and beauty later.

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