January 31, 2005

the perfect house

got a call yesterday from the husband who was standing in the perfect house for us. It has four bedrooms, lovely 'flow' large section, is close to town, reasonable price etc. It feels very strange listening to three different people raving about a house they want me to buy. I have an instantaneous reaction of wanting to pick holes in it, and prove it is not the perfect house. Anyway, it seems I am going to be driving back up to Wanganui to have a look at it. I feel like too much is getting jammed into the next couple of months. I want to Ccentrate on the thesis, not piss round moving house and town.

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January 28, 2005


Yup, the honorable younger son is now formally mobile in classic crawling. He's been commando crawling for a couple of weeks at least, but now the stomach is not involved in forwards motion, and his next mission is speed.

In further breaking news, he cut a tooth last night. And no, its no hassle to this one, he did it in his sleep. He is a Good Baby.

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January 27, 2005

Hot, damn hot!

Sent off chapter three just before, am feeling excited. HAH! I can do this!

Now back to the model...

Rest of day was okay, spent two hours being the toy library assistant. Very quiet, and it is the first week back so I thought it would be busy with everyone bringing the big stuff back, and getting out something new now that the Christmas presents are getting familiar. Wrong again. And the building is uninsulated, so I had a naked baby with me (well almost, he was wearing nappies and nothing else). Thirty degrees today apparently.

Have you noticed the Bloggies are getting pretty bitchy? Seems like even Hollywood approaches this award thing with a bit more dignity.

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January 26, 2005

Entry 300

Almost got chap three ready to return to Great Leader today, just a few graph things and off it goes.

Great Leader rang SeCd Leader, and the spanner is removed from the thesis completion plan as long as I spend a week in Christchurch doing the model thing. What am I supposed to do with the baby?? Anyone got any good ideas?

Saw a drinking fountain for cats at the vet today. There is a little pump in it that circulates the water over a dome thing, therefore keeping it well aerated. Great toy for boys, ain't gonna be one in this house till there are no small boys. Besides I think it is a bit wierd.

Gave application form to WINZ today, should now be on subsidised childcare. Yay.

Am making two zebra costumes for the boys. Cn wanted me to make h a lion costume, as he has one of those, and he thought it would be really cute to have brother lions at the costume party. But is even more pleased with the idea of getting a new costume, and him and h being brother zebra's. I am painting white t-shirts for both of them, and making tails and manes out of cheap fuzzy wool from the two dollar shop. There may be felt ears added if it seems easy enough to do. (Note to self, do not paint the floor. I am realising that a studio is not an artist being pretentious, but is a realistic approach to Ctrolling paint spread.)

Kids take lots of time and effort, but the big one gets so excited when I do this kind of thing for him and with him, that the effort feels over rewarded. Its a good feeling. The little one will laugh, he laughs at everything.

We lowered the little ones cot tonight. My bro-in-law tends to lower all the vehicles he owns, the standard measure is a beer can. The cot is higher than that, but it still feels like I am lowering h into a prison, which I am. A safe one. Its a shame it doesn't look like one of Nige's hot rods... the baby would love that when he got older!

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January 25, 2005

A Spanner

Got lots of good work done today on editing chapter 3 and as a break I thought I would ring supervisor 2 and see what he thought of the April 'its over' deadline.

The news was not good - he doesn't think we can do that. But if we do a cut down model, then maybe. So I have to ring supervisor 1 and see what he says we have to have to make the intellectual grunt level required.

I can see I am going to have my work cut out here.

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January 24, 2005


Last night in a fit of organisation I wrote a Parade Of Daily Adventures, also known as a to do list. I have been busy, and managed not to murder son the elder, who at times today would have deserved it, but I have not completed anything on my list. So this is short and I am busy.

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January 23, 2005

Taking deep breaths

We drove very quickly up to Taupo on Wednesday night, and then up to Tokoroa in plenty of time to relax and change for the funeral. Stan's send off was Absolutely Enormous, they stopped the traffic on State Highway One to allow the funeral procession to leave the church and go to the cemetery. The large church was full, and there were standing crowds at the back, the foyer and the outside. Definitely worth going, we seem to have accrued some brownie points. We visited friends in Tauranga that night, and left early to sprint to Wanganui. The new job looks good for hubby. We saw 7 houses on Saturday, and then 2 of them again, and then saw one of those two again this morning. We are now dithering about putting in an offer. The kitchen is going to be really hard to work in, and the laundry is unuseable at present. And there is no shower. It is in a good enought street, and the section is very large. There is a neat shed thingy up the back for wargaming, and a very rickety garage.

There's also livestock - a wasp nest, and ant nest too.

Will keep you posted...

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January 19, 2005

Times change

Since the last post my brothers wife's (my sis-in-law's) father has died suddenly so we are going to Tokoroa for a funeral

And we are posted to wanganui as of now, but the family won't have to move for 90 days.

More info when I have more time and when I get home again


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January 17, 2005

It was an absolutely enormous difference and I'm glad I didn't make THAT mistake.

For the last three days, I haven't made any progress, incremental or otherwise on the thesis. I have to come up with numbers for lots of plant processes, and one of them was the number of pollen grains per flower of rape/turnip. I had in my head from years ago when I used to measure the length of pollen grains and had read this paper where some poor technician had counted the grains in a flower and come up with the grand total of 1500. So I have been scanning likely papers and trying to find the reference. Today, I thought, I will ask a guru. I asked the internet. And the guru knew, even as the guru knows everything, and yea, it gives me the answers I need.

Some dude did it the sensible way with a haemocytometer and found the mean value of 34 500. Per flower. Good dude.

But wow, my memory was totally wrong dude. By a magnitude of lots. Must be getting pretty damn old. But at least I wasn't stupid enough to RELY on that dodgy memory of mine...

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January 13, 2005


Temporary impressions/marks I have seen imprinted on h's skin today:

Three teddy bear faces from his singlet, when he was sleeping on his tummy last night.

The lace pattern from the shawl he slept on this afternoon.

Nappy lines.

The twill weave from my shirt where I was feeding him.

A whole tub of lip butter, spread on his hands and face. His lips will be soft for life, if eating it helps.


And from another site, unfortunately, I don't know where anymore:

There are, roughly speaking, three levels of science writing in our culture: (1) technical (peer-reviewed papers, monographs, and university press books written by and for professional scientists); (2) popular professional (essays and articles in popular magazines and trade press books written by scientists for both scientists and moderately informed general readers - Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Dawkins, and Jared Diamond come to mind); (3) popular general (essays, articles, and books by journalists and science writers for completely uninformed readers).

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January 12, 2005

an offering of links

Flowing hair of scientists

Stop your cat typing on your computer with software

Thoughts on learning to do Scottish Country Dancing after the beginners class

Lat year the bowhunters killed 8.5 tons of koi carp in a weekend in south waikato, but I can't find any photos. http://www.nzbowhunters.co.nz/ I can assure you these fish look like pests in this quantity

I'm home 'alone' for the next couple of days. R has returned to the farm to dag sheep and I'm staying here with the dog, cats and the baby. Crikey but it is peaceful without the others!!

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January 11, 2005

Spreadsheets without function

Gotta make a spreadsheet of numbers that describe the sex life of two plant species. Don't have to have any relationships between the numbers initially, very wierd.

Growing many little native plants from seed, division and cuttings. Lots of roses too. I'm not sure how much garden there will be here when I leave...

Baby boy finally crashed at 9.12 pm, gonna be a wicked morning.

Hubby gonna shoot bambi and provide venison sausages. I'm falling back in love.

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January 10, 2005

Once more into the fray/breach

Back from the farm where there is no cell phone coverage and no tv reception either. And with the public holidays there wasn't a lot of newspaper to read as well. So we Ccentrated on just the days we had, and it was very relaxing. I came back with three flaxes and one succulent, and without having spent more than a tank of petrol. Finances slightly improved.

Baby is good, though going through a phase of singing us opera before he goes to sleep (read: screaming insanely). In a big house that is no problem, you can't hear him from the other end! Boy is very four, and very due for school. He jumps and screams and shouts, and his ears are sub functional. Daddy is tired, and his tolerance for all sorts of things is not that good.

I have half a chapter to write and then the thesis is pretty much up to editing. Wonder how long this half will take?

Baby started at childcare today. Good thing I am meant to stay to 'settle him in' as I don't think I'm ready for this. He seems fine...

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January 02, 2005

This time, without interruptions/surprises

I sat down to write an entry about one this afternoon, but the most unlikely visitors pulled up, just as the moveable type screen arrived. My brother and his wife. To put this in Ctext, I think this is the seCd time the sis in law has been here in the two years we have lived in Upper Hutt. The bro has visited more often, but noticeably more often when his wife is overseas. Go figure. So they came and stayed for a little bit, and then puttered off again. One thing about Cn, there are no painfully quiet Cversation gaps allowed to develop with him around - any one else wishing to say anything nearly needs to book space.

Cn and I have been on a couple of expeditions together alone lately. I enjoy him much better when he is Ccentrating. Too many people just seems to result in a lot of showing off and general silliness at the moment. We went round staglands (www.staglands.co.nz) and did lots of good talking about the animals, and today went on a cache hunt (www.geocache.com) in the Eccelsfield reserve in Silverstream. Today he shot up a reasonable hill in very short order, and used the GPS to find the treasure. And also found the treasure before his mum, who was standing right beside it, and didn't see it! Good thing I took him.

Bit of money stress around at present. We sort of lost our minds before Christmas, and started spending money like we had two incomes instead of one. So now we can't use the chequing account, its too overdrawn, and the credit card is our only source of readies. We still have lots of savings, so we can leap out of the hole whenever, but we don't want to spend savings. The next few weeks will be pretty lean till we sort things out.

Never feed h banana, it turns him into CRANKY BABY, unwilling to sleep for any reason at all. But give him pamol and he turns back to happy baby, but still unwilling to sleep for any reason at all....

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