November 12, 2008

Not cut out for NaPoBloMo

I've already missed heaps of days in trying to blog every day - and you know what is even worse I actually don't care. What I have noticed is that I am posting more than I have in months, and surely that is the point?

The thing that I am enjoying most at the moment is playing the violin. I am still doing the singing lessons, and go every week and practice every day, and enjoy it. I am allowed to do an exam next year which is very exciting, but when I walk into the music room, what I pick up first is the violin. I like the motion of bowing, I like the beauty of the instrument, and sometimes when I know something well enough and relax I like the feeling of my left hand making the notes, and my fingers going up and down like pistons on the fingerboard. Sometimes when I get the bow in the right place and going at the right speed I can make a beautiful sound. And tonight the violin teacher told R that I was a good violinist (I couldn't go this week so he took C on his own). Its good to have something like this in my life.

For years I have done the craft thing and I do enjoy it, but I think my zeitgeber is music. Its good to get back to what I love doing.

Posted by Toni at November 12, 2008 04:48 PM