November 09, 2008

So THAT"S why they like them

Kids at school love computer games. They play the ones at home, and they play on-line ones. I've never played anything except really basic ones, and I have never understood why they are so popular.

Recently I bought Lego Star Wars II for the senior son. And of course I had to try it, at the minimum to learn enough of how it works to be able to teach him. Its Very Addictive. So far I have completed one story, but I only have true jedi status in one chapter. There are three stories as far as we can work out.

Becuase the chapters are all set in different places there are different things to do each time. I have done one flying section so far, and I don't think you could say it is a strength of mine. I died lots of time doing that one. Some of the problem solving is okay for me, and the observation ones are good. C is good at the flying. R is really good at the problem solving.

And I found an online cheat form that means when I am completely stuck and have run out of ideas I can look up what to do.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that it keeps track of how much time I have spent on it, and so I have to face up to the truth....

Posted by Toni at November 9, 2008 06:22 PM