November 30, 2005

Very exciting

Went to see supervisor yesterday armed with a big wonderful table, summarising everything I know about The Model in Chapter 7. He likes it, and has given me permission to avoid all the graphs that need to be individually formatted and labelled in a very complicated manner. And I took some writing about the big wonderful table, which he has edited and Made Better.

This is all very fabulous, and I am going to make it. I am going to have a Chapter 7 which makes sense to some people, and will look clever and stuff.


In other news my eldest is breaking down in tears because he misses his mummy, but the little one is apparently fine. But he does get very excited when he hears me on the phone. I do miss them, but I am enjoying this return to the simple life of being a student. And it is interesting learning all this stuff and having time to have long complicated thinks. I am going to send eldest son a present. He will like that. I won't even put in anything else in the parcel. It will be just for him. I will send something for the little son the next day. He won't be as excited.

Posted by Toni at November 30, 2005 06:56 AM