March 01, 2005

An outbreak of spaniels

Or perhaps better described as the spaniels are breaking out?

Yesterday I played host to two springer spaniels while their owner came home to rescue me. And I must be a nice person to visit, because Patch came back to visit again today.

The neighbour and I were speculating as to how they got out, and were just looking at the fence when Patch sailed over it. "That'll be how", we wisely said to each other.

I wonder if it will be three days in a row, and whether I get Patch, Cindy or both tomorrow. Well are they named springer spaniels...

Posted by Toni at March 1, 2005 07:01 PM

Yep, that sounds like a typical springer! I was house/dog-sitting once, and the dog *ATE* a stone chess-set. The owners were very reaxed about it so it must have been commonplace enough!

Posted by: phreq at March 2, 2005 05:48 AM