February 24, 2005

The trip that was

We left Upper Hutt at 7 in the morning with all the stuff, and both kids in the car and everything. It meant we got to the airport in good time, and no-one got grumpy. I checked the luggage, went to the little girls room, and reported to the checkin lounge place before the first boarding call.

Flight fine, kid had a good time playing with keys, feeding, making friends with the neighbour and the people behind us. Walk out of the airport, spot Phreq, present her with h and go back in to get luggage.

No luggage of mine appears. None.

Ask at counter - she says in very cheerful voice, "Oh, its coming on the next flight. It won't be long." And looks on the computer to find it will be two hours. I look out the window to see Phreq communicating with the parking police. She can't move with h - no car seat, see? So the car moves to less lively parking, and we go to demand a car seat. And lo and behold, they do have one at the airport, and my luggage will be delivered in a taxi, and THERE ARE SOLUTIONS.

Off I go to be intellectual, or try to with no papers, or computer disks and far too much adrenaline on board. Its moderately successful. Phreq and h go off and do bonding stuff. Sounds like they had a good time too.

When I said to Phreq I was going to do public transport out to Dunsandel she replied "Oh no, you're not! I'll drop you off, and go visit my friend in Methven". How fabulously kind is that?? So we didn't have to get 28 kg of luggage onto a bus to Lincoln, instead we arrived by personal taxi. SO MUCH EASIER.

And the next morning spare grandad Brian drove us both to the supervisor's house, which started to look like a train station as people popped in and out with stuff I'd left behind, the kid coming and going for feeds and sleeps. Supervisor was fantastic, and very cool about baby. Baby likes supervisor, supervisor likes baby. Another potential worry disappears (supervisor has no kids of his own, is bachelor, and so was potentially very baby nervous). Brian spends the whole day helping out with h.

We load up important disk into computer. Won't go. Fiddle for a while. Definitely WON'T GO. I sit there thinking, oh boy, this is a disaster. But no, there are other less sexy programs that do the same stuff. Less sexy, but more powerful. So results in some ways will be better. We create mathematical model (and it really is we, I had useful stuff to offer, thank god) and run it, and results (ten thousand of them at a time) are generated. All is good.

Stayed in old folks home with a spinning friend, and was very pleasant and relaxing. Molly is very undemanding and welcoming. h Ctinued to charm all within range!

Phreq delivers us to the airport. Thanks again. Flight home completely without incident. All luggage arrives, baby sleeps the whole way.

h has started coughing and has a snot issue so we visited the doctor on the way home. He has a fever (39.4) and a weezy chest and elevated heart rate. Antibiotics are being adminstered to good effect, but he is home today.

WINZ need proof I'm studying. How do you do that??? I'm getting another letter from the supervisor. If I was an undergrad, I'm not sure who would help out with that.

I've loaded the new stats program on the computer, and run the model. All worked. HOW LIKELY IS THAT?? And I made chocolate chip cookies this morning with h, who likes licking the cake mixer things. (but not when they are rotating - just kidding) I probably shouldn't give them to him, but he definitely thought it was the work of a kind mother, and he didn't seem to care whether it was responsible.

So that was the trip that was. The only reason it worked was because of the kindness of friends. I'm really grateful.

Posted by Toni at February 24, 2005 09:20 AM

You were brave for going to another city with a baby, but it seems that bravery was rewarded! yay you!

Posted by: giffy at February 24, 2005 05:43 PM

Was so pleased to be able to meet you guys, and nice to be able to help out, too :)

Mel and Rachel and I had a wicked time in Methven so I wasn't *too* generous. Plus, you paid for the petrol!

*hugs* glad the airport didn't manage a repeat performance on the way back!

Posted by: phreq at February 26, 2005 09:12 AM