July 15, 2004

Creeping addictions

I've been blogging for 207 entries - I don't know how long in normal time. Used to be it was exciting, then it was a chore, and now it is something I have a habit of doing. When I go away to places without computer access, its the lack of blogs I notice, both mine and other peoples. And yesterday, while at home with a computer but without access to the net, I felt that same feeling of Ccern and distress I get without caffeine. Fortunately, however, I didn't get the withdrawal headache.

R is off to Dubai for 3-5 weeks in September, and I am planning a strategic retreat to my parents house. I don't feel like being superwoman and doing 2 kids, a thesis and no adult Ctact of substance for 3-5 weeks (except for electronic Ctact, which can be substantial some days). Ma and Pa have a computer, but without Word. So I will install that as I have legal copy. No problem. But while I am here with c in full time care, and h is sleeping I have three or four hours per day to spend on thesis, blogs and housework. Ma has stated quite clearly that they are not going to stop their lives and be full time carers for c while I am staying. I have this worry that while I am there I am only going to get a couple days each week where I have time to write. I have never felt that to be a problem before - perhaps I am finally getting serious about finishing this thesis. And I dont want to lose this momentum and urgency. The blogging is no problem as they have the internet. The final part of the puzzle is going to be working out how much baby gear I can get from friends and relations in Nelson, rather than carting it on the plane from here. I need a car seat, and Plunket should provide a short term loan for that. And a baby buggy/pushchair. Hopefully one of the parents friends can provide that. Which only leaves a cot, and if they can get the other stuff then I can take the portacot! Logistics: this is what R does all day! Then I just need a mountain of clothing. Advice for new mums: don't cart nappies round the country, they sell them in all the towns I've been too, at the same prices!

Posted by Toni at July 15, 2004 10:30 AM