July 05, 2004

First things

It was a weekend of firsts:

h's first smiles, he's got it sussed now. I'm now teaching him to poke out his tongue - we are off to the grandparents soon, this could be fun.

Our first geocache which was in a reserve in Upper Hutt. We climbed an easy hill through mature forest, walked through a long straight abandoned railway tunnel and found the hidden treasure. It was a great way to spend some time, and we had a picnic at the end to celebratre our success.

Saw a movie with both boys. Saw Shrek 2, which was a good movie for the family as there were jokes for everyone. h did stare at the screen for a little bit, but it is hard to say what he could see at that distance. Spent a fair bit of the movie feeding him. The transformation of Shrek was particularly well done I thought - still looked like him with the heavy jaw and chest, but still got the effect they wanted(trying not to spoil it!).

h got his first injury, facial scratches from the cat Taji. If she does that again she will be looking for another home.

Bought first pair of seCdhand jeans. They are Good, and I will buy seCd hand jeans again. I will have more than one pair of jeans at a time from now on in my life.

Posted by Toni at July 5, 2004 01:09 PM