July 07, 2004

Final statement of the cats

I live with two cats. One is Siamese, chocolate point and called Taji. The other is a fat tortoiseshell with a lot of white called Sophie.

Sophie stomps around the house with precision. When she sits, she sits right there, and nothing interferes with her sitting. When she jumps, she lands with absolute precision. Every thing is done! and! finished! She has a short strong tail which ends her physically with an exclamation mark. !

Taj approaches each day with a spirit of discovery. She approaches the whole house as if she has never been here before. What if I do this? Could I sit here? Can I make the dog nervous? Is there any food left? What is this? What does it do? Her tail is long, and curves and twitches. Her physicallity is finished with a question mark.

Its so damn appropriate, I wonder if there is a god...

Posted by Toni at July 7, 2004 11:52 AM