June 18, 2004

To buy

We have no spare money to buy anything, but that doesn't stop us from buying. There are shirts to buy so that I can feed the sprat without freezing. Nifty design, and they are comfortable and styley to wear compared to my usual baby feeding clobber. There is food to buy, and face goo, and blazer rades for hubby which are horrifically expensive, and toys and petrol. It is all far too much, and exceeds income significantly...

Csumerism - I don't like the idea, and resist it pretty well due to the brainwashing of Flylady who is anti-clutter, and due to the fact I don't run into that many advertisements. We don't have tv, don't get the paper very often, and listen to National Radio. I notice when I do watch tv, I feel much more like going out shopping. Those ads are powerful things. Csumerism is a chance to waste the earth's resources on things that we don't need, and which generally end up in the rubbish eventually, thereby using more resources to deal with the waste. (You'd think with beliefs like that I would vote Green - I don't, and I won't as I am pro-GE, which doesn't mesh with the Greens at all.)

Posted by Toni at June 18, 2004 03:33 PM

I has to ask... why pro GE?

Posted by: phreq at June 23, 2004 08:01 AM