June 11, 2004


Love food. Love it!

My ideal Saturday morning is spent puttering around in the kitchen baking stuff and cooking lunch. I have a collection of cooking books and like looking through them.

Baby can't tell the difference between tired and hungry. When in doubt he assumes he is hungry. Once he has eaten everything I have to offer he becomes hysterical, which makes him even harder to get to sleep. So we have one of us determined to eat eat eat, and the other of us (me) wishing to sleep sleep sleep, and neither of us is happy. Cos neither of us gets no satisfaction.

When I was living at home we had this kind of ritual of eating tea/dinner together. It was supposed to be a time to talk and be a happy family, but it never was all that relaxed. Pa would be interrogating us on our school day, and if you said the wrong thing, you'd get the lecture treatment. So it always felt much safer to say nothing. And I can remember some pretty silent meals! I suspect that one of the ways Pa went wrong was in not talking much about his own day, it was all about the kids and getting information from them. I've inherited this longing for big happy family meals at the table, but I plan to be very careful not to drag information out of the kids, but to try and make it more of a give and take. We were always taught to thank the cook, and to say excuse me when we left the table before the meal was over. Blimey though, when the 4 yr old is tired, letting him eat in front of the dvd is a hell of a lot easier. Ma always made good food, if the atmosphere at the table wasn't the best, the victuals were always top notch...

Posted by Toni at June 11, 2004 09:55 AM