June 10, 2004

Boring at home

Have you noticed that there is not much going on in NZ politics at present? News commentors like R Brown have a lot more to say about american politics than ours. I think perhaps Brash has decided to take a week or two of silence as a chance to shut up about nuclear ships seeing as he ballsed that one up, and Helen is keen on quiet. After all with 4.4% unemployment (even if that number is not the 'truth'), and the eComy still good with high house prices and most things moving along nicely, silence gives the public a chance to think their lot in life is okay.

I suspect things are likely to come a little unstuck for labour in the eComy soonish with house prices bound to sink in the future, the dollar up and the fuel prices astronomical.

Got lots of administration stuff done last night - you know, writing cheques, filling out forms and filing household stuff. The table has returned from trees to wood, and if it ain't careful I might polish it while it is clear!

Oh, and a very funny entry from the yeti dated June 9 - he doesn't seem to have an archive system on his blog...

Posted by Toni at June 10, 2004 10:36 AM